Lego Letterpress by Physical Fiction

Lego Letterpress by Physical Fiction

Physical Fiction’s work combines two things I adore – letterpress and pixel art – and the first thought that popped into my mind after seeing their prints was ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’  No matter, they are for sale and very very affordable.  I just ordered the ‘Inteceptor’ print for the respondcreate offices (read: our apartment) and can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future as new prints are released.

A commenter on Gizmodo said: “They need to combine several more memes/geek fetishes to make this marketable. Like prints of star wars posters done on a lego press. Or something involving tetris.”

I couldn’t disagree more; I love how they’re creating fresh, original imagery in an old aesthetic and am excited to see what they’ll come up with next.

[Physical Fiction via Gizmodo]

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Photographs of Tokyo by Thomas Birke

Thomas Birke - Tokyo

These long-exposure photographs by Thomas Birke of Tokyo at night are all-at-once sterile and alive.  He was able to pull off a difficult feat: coaxing out beautiful, rich imagery from drab, often-overlooked, subject material. Click through to see more.

[Tokyo: Urban Neon Nights ]

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Beautiful Photography from the National Geographic Archives

Curled Fern

Pokkisam culled through the National Geographic Archives and pulled some exceptionally beautiful images.  This unopened fern was my favorite of the bunch.

[Pokkisam's National Geographic Selects ]

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